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Episode 38: Hello, Win! (part 1)

January 22nd, 2020

OK, so the moon is no longer red, werewolves are no longer howlin’ and the vamps and ghouls already went back to their crypts, but if anything…that’s the perfect time to talk about their films! Feeling much safer, in part 1 Fikri and Muz takes a big bite of the horror genre. Of course, they can’t cover every single thing, but they do talk about its earliest years on the silver screen as well as how folk stories, urban legends, cultural and social panics are/were played and incorporated into films by the Western world. All these and more in the one and only recorded podcast in Bahasa Malaysia that talks about ghosts and ghouls but without the campfire and marshmallow (because we’re sure there’s a fatwa or something against that)!

Originally published on 15th December 2014.

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